Global Asphalt


Came by and talked to my elderly mother. Told her could pave her driveway for $900. Halfway through said it would be $2000. Then presented her a bill for $6100. He said he was charging by the square foot of $1.80 and not by the job. He threatened to have a lien put on her property. He intimated her into paying him $4000. He did not have the check written out to the company, but to him by name which was Henry Cooper. The paid invoice has Paid and Full not "Paid in Full." He left his cell phone number of 918-208-2255. He kept asking her about transferring money from her trust accounts. She is terrified of him and does not wish to retaliate from fear he will do something to her. He did do the job but did not abide by the oral contract of $900 then $2000.

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