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I first came into contact with Global Investments Inc. when they sent an email, advertising a freehold property in Detroit for under $9,000. As the property was advertised so cheap, I questioned the condition of the property & quality of the tenant. Scott Neve assured me that the property was in a good condition & claimed that Global Investments Inc. would not advertise bad stock. As I couldn’t find any bad reports about Global Investments Inc. I decided (foolishly) to do business with them. The very next day after I decided to go ahead, the Managing Director of Global Investments Inc. John Ou2019Donoghue sent me a contract to sign. Shortly after, I transferred a u00a32,950 finderu2019s fee into their bank account. And that’s when they went quiet… After a radio silence of nearly one month, I finally got a hold of the M.D. John O’Donoghue, who assured me that the countersigned contract should come shortly. After this, Global Investments Inc. went quite again for almost another month. Finally after weeks of chasing, I got a hold of John O’Donoghue, who said that I should start looking for another property as they had failed to get a tenancy agreement/proof of rent from the seller. However he said to wait at least another week to make a final call. After this, and again, Global Investments Inc. went quiet for one month. Finally, and out of sheer frustration, I send an email requesting a refund. John O’Donoghue replies the very same day to say that he disagrees with me & refuses my request for a refund. He asks to speak in person. A couple of weeks later, John O’Donoghue calls me after arranging time to speak, and claims that Global Investments Inc. never got a rental contract from tenant living at the property, and that the condition of property was not good (although I was assured by Scott Neve that the property was in a good condition before parting with u00a32,950). I make clear to John O’Donoghue that this had never been brought to my attention for the entire 3 month period since I commenced doing business with them and parted with u00a32,950. John suggested looking for a different property. After thinking, and even mulling over an option of buying a different property, I decide a refund is what I should be pursuing, as by now I had lost all faith in Global Investments Inc. Another month later, John O’Donoghue refuses my second email request for a refund, saying that he will answer me fully within a few days. Again, Global Investments Inc. go quiet on me, and this time for many months. For many months, and after parting with u00a32,950, I was told and lead to believe by Global Investments Inc. that they were working with the seller to close the sale for me, the buyer. To this day, I have never received a countersigned contract, a survey of the property and photos etc. For u00a32,950, I have received bugger all, bar stress and frustration. Recently, I learned the property that Global Services Inc. was listed and delisted for sale on a few days before they sent out a mass email to their contacts advertising the property for sale, and therefore suggesting possible fraud and negligence on their behalf. Global Investments Incorporated Limited has refused all attempts of mediation. They are registered at the U.K. Companies as: Nature of Business (SIC): 68100 – Buying and selling of own real estate. However they are not members of the two U.K. property ombudsmanu2019s. Name & Registered Office: GLOBAL INVESTMENTS INCORPORATED LIMITED REEDHAM HOUSE 31 KING STREET WEST MANCHESTER M3 2PJ Company No: 08462386 Company Type: Private Limited Company

REEDHAM HOUSE, 31 KING STREET WEST, Manchester , United Kingdom



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