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what a rip off outfit, why has no one closed this place down or at least investgated the type of business they run.. this is one of the best skams i have seen and they continue to replace bad watch after bad watch….none of them work and they have the nerve to even answer the phone.. how many calls i have has to joe and how many times the story he gave in his rough inpalite manner was we will replace the watch… nwell needless to say kiss our over $500.00 for two watches good by these guys mark and joe should be sent away for a long long time for not only fraud but but misleading the public to think we are getting a good deal…. nplease please please do not under any mean purchase a rolex from this company. save your money up for the real deal or take your favorite person to a nice diinner…. someone please take action against these bandits… nWoodyndanbury, ConnecticutU.S.A.

580 16th Ave Brooklyn, New York U.S.A.


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