Global Vacation Network St. Clair Shores Michigan Review


When I attemted to contact GVN, again on my vacation plans I came accross the Rip_Off reports. WHAT AN EYE-OPENER. We signed a GVN, vacation package, in July of 2008. Like the first report I read from Gwardy, Colorado dated 9-5-08, my experience was almost an exact duplicate. After 4 or 5 high pressure sales pithces with each one the best offer we refused till the last deal was presented. I stiil said no but my wife had a change, because it seemed “TO GOOD TO BE TRUE.”” The Salesperson said that GVN packages were used on TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune

that turned her mind. They started processing and took deposit of $146.00

Once they realized my wife was part time

they had me sign as like a co-signer. SHOULD HAVE SEEN RED FLAG. Now she is getting electronic deductions every month of $71.00. I am not on her account. nWe have called repeatedly to cancel this agreement and were met with the remarks that it was past the time and nothing could be done. Threatened to close the checking account

they said its an agreement and they would get it from my accounts. nI have been trying to arrange dates for my free Mexican Vacation

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