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Since GloCell took over from Altech Autopage all I had was complaints that are never resolved. 1. I wanted to change my banking details (from FNB to Capitec) I went to Capitec and asked them to switch all my debit orders, all were successful except GLOCELL, I went to their shop and they said they can’t assist me I have to go to their Head office, the last week of May I went to their offices in Midrand they said I was switched, the debit order may still go from FNB because it was late already but from June it will be from Capitec. Even now my debit order still comes from FNB. 2. That same day, the lady who was helping me advised me to “cap” my Minutes/SMSs/Data (if ever I exceed what was allocated to me ‘100 minutes, 100 SMSses and 1GB of Data’ I will not go beyond the R100 that I’ve chosen) for safety reasons and I did that. 3. This morning I get a message from FNB saying GloCell debited R915.23 (My package is R110p/m), I went back to their offices in Midrand to understand all this coz I expected them to debit not anything more than R300, and they say my “cap” was unsuccessful (No 1 told me about that) and even if it was it is not guaranteed. And every time I checked my balance there was never a time my current usage was over R200 and when I ask why she said that “current usage” is not accurate (I wonder why coz all these 2 years of my contract it was accurate). I’m enough with with GloCell.

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