GM Associates LLC


This number was attached to an emailed receipt from money that had been debited from my bank account. I had received a call from 855-949-8846 from a representative who stated that an old charged off credit account of mine was in her office for collections due to be filed in court. As I am at a position in my life where I am trying to pay off all of my past debts, I arranged payment on this account. Things got fishy after I tried to call the aforementioned number to get something in writing. I called the bank with which I had the credit account, and they had sold off the accounts to Capital One. I happen to have an account with them, so I called their recovery department for their help in verifying the matter. After much research, I was told that they had no such account nor did they see it anywhere. Now, I am in the process of stopping payment on this group of scammers.The first payment was withdrawn by Singso Associates. LLC and the second one was attempted by GM Associates of Monroe, NC. The GM Associates was the one associated with this phone number.Once the transaction that is pending goes through, I will open a dispute with my bank. My debit card had to be cancelled as a result of this pond scum.

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