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Complaint: Please be aware that Tom Erik Raspotnik is a noted sex offender and child molester. All information is public knowledge and in sex offender data banks. He has molested and performed sodomy on several young boys under the age of 5. Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik writes fake reports to try to put the attention away from him. None of these reports are real. Tom Raspotnik has also been known to build fake websites. Make fake profiles. Anything to divert attention away from him. All information regarding Tom Erik Raspotnik and his sex offender history can be gotten from myself, Frank S of Stratton Brothers Investigation. I have been following Tom Erik Raspotnik for years gathering information and monitoring his ever move, keeping society safe from this noted child predator. Tom prefers young African American boys as young as the age of 5. He would lure them into his truck with candy while making deliveries. His computer is being monitored and it should be noted that he also enjoys viewing “kiddie porn”” and “”beastiality videos.”” These videos are primary from free pornography sites and originate overseas

Tags: Church Priests

Address: making it difficult to trace their servers. Tom Erik Raspotnik considers himself a follower of Satan and molests and sodomizes these children is Satan’s name and as an offering to him. If you are a parent

Website: 231-742-2811

Phone: please inform your children and teach them not to get in cars with strangers. Be sure to post Tom Erik Raspotnik’s picture and let your children know to stay away from him. If you see Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik near any children please report him to the authorities immediately. He is considered dangerous around children.”

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