GNS Midland Texas Review


I have been calling regarding a refund for money that was NOT supposed to be taken out of my account. I ordered your product Slim Seduction in January. I received the shipment and $3.97 was withdrawn from my account not once but twice. After using the product for only a few days I realized that it was doing nothing for me and actually made me feel quite irritable. I received a notice that a payment would be taken from my account…which I knew this from the agreement. After recieveing that notice I called and cancelled my shippments and stated that I no longer wanted to recieve Slim Seduction! I was reassured that no more withdrawals would be made to my account. Well, Feburary 2nd, about a week or so after I had called $79.95 was withdrawn from my account. I have been calling and calling to have this refunded to may account and after a week they have not do so. This company takes people’s money. I wish I would have read all these before I ordered. BUYERS BEWARE! nAmarienMidland, TexasU.S.A.

6452 Fig Street Unit A Arvada, Colorado U.S.A.

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