GoDaddy Shingle Springs California


Complaint: I keep getting billed for an account I set up for a customer MANY YEARS ago. I had my credit card attached to this account, and even though it has expired, they are manipulating the expiration date and charging the card over and over, year after year. My client has sold the business I set this up for, I no longer have access to this account, and GoDaddy won’t quit billing me. This time for over $200! Last time this happened the guy said he couldn’t remove the only CC on the account, but he did something so it wouldn’t bill again – not true, here I am again in the same spot. I’m on hold with GoDaddy right now, the girl has already told me she can’t remove the charge – this is outragious! AND A BLATENT RIP OFF.

Tags: Internet Services

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 480-463-8887

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