GoldCorp, Inc.


The owner of this store is WALID KHALIF. He runs the store with his kids george and karina.

I am a new york based collection agent, sent to oak park, michigan, to discuss almost 130,000.00 of unpaid invoices, split over (3) three vendors.

When i first walked into the store, WALID KHALIFE looked in my eyes and denied his identity. When i told him why i was here, both walid and his son george did not ask me to leave, they physically put their hands on me and threw me out of the store.

I went to stand outside with a sign that read: “PLEASE DO NOT SHOP AT GOLDCORP, THE OWNER DOES NOT PAY VENDORS.”

Walid came outside, cursed at me (not so terrible in and of itself but it shows his level of unprofessionalism), spit on me, and then sent an employee outside to beat me up. We made a deal with him on one of the vendors for a 40% shaving, insisted my client put the offer on paper and then call him. The client did exactly what walid had asked but he declined payment, told the client he is a jerk, and told him that if i came back…he would kill me. I have 2 recordings of his threats where he identified himself and his company.

The background: khalife ordered goods from one client for about 30,000.00. He claims he sent back goods which client did not receive and then told the client that he should put in a claim with a carrier we had no involvement with.

The store regulary tenders checks that are returned for non sufficient funds.

He is unprofessional, disrespectful, and nasty. Reviews are either somewhat good or over the top bad.

PLEASE, do not patronize this store…stay as far away as you can; shop elsewhere, pay a few bucks more and know you got goods

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