Golden Timepieces hartsdale New York Review


Beware of this scam! Do no buy! Watch Came as shown in my pic, no box or package just plastic wrap and tape around it. Straight from China factory. Band is not real leather and watch is not quality steel, is more like thin sheet steel stamped. Barely feels like plastic is very light. the dials and buttons are not functional they are just for show. The finish is already starting to wear off. this thing is so fake! I can’t imagine it’s worth more than $5. Feels more like a vending machine toy. I would never wear it in public. This company doesn’t issue refunds based on dissatisfaction of quality, they only do based on damage from shipping. This is a major scam! Save your money for something real and quality that will last. Do not believe these misleading photos, the real product is far from good looking. Lost my good money here, so sad. Let’s put these scammers out of business!

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