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As one of the original SDGA grads in the late 70’s, I was fortunate to have attended on a full scholarship, which to this day I believe I am the only person to have had a “free ride”. The SDGA concept was initiated as a credible education process in comparison to a poorly devised PGA Apprentice Program. In addition to the SDGA, the concept of the PGI (Professional Golfers International) was to have complimented the graduates of the degreed program. Unfortunately the PGI never materialized and thus the PGA has maintained a marketing monopoly in the industry. For PGA members to be employed by a training institution contrary to their own PGA training program is hypocritical. Until the PGA union monopoly has a competive union, the return on your investment in this institution must be questioned? I elected to not join the PGA and my employment in the golf industry was successful, although a constant challenge to the viability the PGA. The formation of the PGI is long overdue and until a competitive environment is established I would suggest going with the program that has the monopoly. Although I don’t consider my experience with the SDGA a waste of time I am very thankful I didn’t have to pay!

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