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Bought a phone for the rebate. The rep gave me a photo copied rebate form. I turned in all the necesary items and am still waiting for my rebate 7 months later. I emailed customer service and they told me to go to the store. I went to the store and the manager Hae Tang hasn’t called my back! nHere is my Ripoff Scams: nOK, after 5 months of absolute hell, I think my nightmare with brw is coming to an end. nAfter receiving a threat from them that if I didn’t pay them $20.99, they would ruin my credit history, I decided to pay up solely to protect my credit rating. I figured I could always dispute the charges with my credit card company (which I did, and WON) nBut this didn’t solve the problem. After I gave them my card number, they said it would be charged within 7 days. Keep in mind, they also said that if I didn’t pay up within 10 days that they would ruin my credit. nI kept checking, and 7 days went by with no charges posting. I checked with my credit card company and there were no problems on their end. So I emailed brw to ask what was going on… they had the nerve to tell me my card was declined, and ordered me to submit payment in another form!! They lied right to my face, nas my bank said the charges HAD gone through as temporary authorizations, they simply did not finalize them. When I informed them of this, they said they were having charging difficulties on their end!! They said they would zero my balance until they got their bank’s systems corrected. In the meantime, I started noticing 50 cent charges to my brw account balance.. nin total adding up to about $5. They said they would look into this. nWhat bigredwire was doing was obvious to me. They wanted me to pay by check, and they asked me to do this several times. The reason being, I WOULD HAVE NO WAY OF DISPUTING THE CHARGE by check. I told them this, and that they were not going to see a check from me, so they’d better get their “systems”” fixed soon. nAfter I called them on this

they magically got their CC system to work and I found my card was charged a few days later. They did


credit me with $6 for “”miscellaneous”” and “”good will””!! (How generous of them!). nI disputed the charge with my credit card company a month ago

and yesterday justice was served (haha). The charges have been reversed!! We will see if they decide to pursue legal action as their member agreement says they will in cases like this. I doubt they will

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