Goodman Air Conditioning And Heating Systems Complaint


Bought Goodman never again 2 burnt blower motors and now a defective evaporator coil and on top of that my installer said it’s all warranted through Goodman for 10 years but now Goodman says they will not warranty the units for 10 years only 5 because a form was not filed within 90 days from install this is bull it’s because they are in a class action law suite about having lot and lots of defective coils and so there trying to get out of covering there 10 year warranty on a technicality and because they know there stuff will only last for 5 year and now turning the blame on homeowners for there installing company negligence in not filing there paperwork timely by saying Oh that’s the homeowners responsibility to file the warranty paperwork and if the don’t we will penalize them for our defective products Let’s face it paperwork or not it should not effect the warranty if there stuff was built rite from the beginning and they felt a 10 year warranty was proper then filing a form should not matter it does not change the MFG date or the install date or the way they make there products They have not heard the last from me this is just a start Buy Trane not Goodman and save your self lots of headaches dealing with Goodman’s customers service is a joke just a headache I’m not asking for labor charges or the 10 lbs of Freon that was lost do to there defective coils just to stand behind there 10 year policy and provide the parts to replace there known bad inferior parts for the10 year period they promised If your looking for Hvac work do your home work ck out the net for all the people having issues with Goodman then buy something else more reliable like American Standard or Trane I wish I did. Megan If your interested in resolving this please have some one from upper management contact me ASAP as your customer service people are worthless

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