government grant agency


Phone call to my wife while we were driving to a hospital appointment. The first caller, male, sounded foreign but used a number that appeared to be from Washington. He claimed to be from a "government grant agency" and that we had qualified for a grant of $9,000. He cited my wife’s full name and correct address and gave us an ID number and a Washington number to call back to process the "claim". She called the number and gave the ID from the original caller. A second foreign sounding voice, this time female, verified our info. I asked her for her government ID number which she promised to give but did not. She placed us on hold at which point my wife got very suspicious and hung up. The "agent" attempted to call back 3 times but we did not answer the calls.Point to note here:* My wife had just filled out a SS disability application which becomes public record. I suspect the scammers are trawling these applications to prey on people when they are at their most vulnerable.

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