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Govolo asked me to transfer 1360 euros to buy a ticket and after I transferred the money they decided to withdraw my booking. Since then more than 3 months have gone by and I still haven’t received a refund. On the 3rd of December 2012 I booked tickets to fly Santiago de Chile-London for 1360 euros. Govolo told me that they would safe my booking for 24 hours and that I should transfer the money to their account. I did so immediately (and before the 24 hours had gone by) but after I did they decided not to respect my booking. I spent around 70 euros in transaction costs, plus exchange rates. In total I calculate that I spent around 1500 euros to transfer the money to Govolo. nI complained and I was told that the only option was to request a refund. I did so on the 12th of December 2013 and until today (27 of March 2013) I have still not received my refund. nEvery time I contact them they say that they have requested the refund and that I should receive the money in a few days. I am now starting to think that this is all a scam. I have lost 1500 euros because of making business with them. n I recommend that you do not use Govolo to buy tickets. n

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