Wilde Honda Of Sarasota Scum


My Complaint: Filed against :
Wilde Honda
7333 S Tamiami Trl
Sarasota FL 34231-7003

Complaint Description:
Car was supposed to be inspected. Sexual harassment from salesman. Sales person brushed his arm several times on my wife’s shirt right in front of me WILDE HONDA OF SARASOTA Car purchase on 10/23/2013 Salesman took us for a very limited test drive on a car that was similar to the one we ended up purchasing and declared our car was in perfect condition having been traded by an elderly lady. My wife and I were pleased in the new car even though it was $6,000.00 more than we had budgeted for. After all it was better than the one we test drove. After the paperwork the salesman came to show us how the dials worked. My wife was on the drivers seat since this was her car . The sales man leaned inappropriately touching my wife’s chest while he pretended to show us the various functions. She told him to move back and I tactfully pushed him away. He later got to the passenger side and proceeded to show us some more working while brushing my wife’s chest. I was so furious at this time and did not know what to do. I looked at the tires and demanded they are changed because they were almost bald. The sales man refused at which point I told my wife we would go elsewhere. In came the used car manager and he also refused to make changes. At the point we were walking out he said he would pay for 2 tires and was responsible for the rest. He was ver rude and aloof. He said the car was completely safe even though the car need new tires, rotors shaved, break light, alignment and wheel balancing. He said he was doing us a favor even though he and his salesman had previously said the car was safe. I told the manager about his groping salesperson and he said he does not believe me. My wife felt humiliated and sad. This is taboo to insult a woman with such actions and a manager standing for his cohort with his arms crossed and calling her a liar. We were sold a car that we have had to go to the dealer several times to have it fixed. The only person who was king and professional to us was the Finance manager. If it weren’t for him, we would never have made the purchase. The whole experience was horrible and would advice anybody thinking about a car to never step into WILDE HONDA OF SARASOTA. “Unless you want to be taken for a ride”

Your Desired Resolution:
3 year warranty included free of charge. I don’t know what other lies they have given us and if they stand by their product as they said it was a safe running car they should be confident and stand by it. Essentially they will end up paying nothing because the car is sound. Seriously the USED CARS SALES MANAGER and his minion the sales guy should be fired. I will be filling a sexual harassment soon. I wanted a car with a Navigation but was mislead by the sales person that the car we were getting had one.


My Demand: 3 year free warranty and a Navigational system

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