Glen Ashley and GRA Capital told us we would be receiving direct inbound calls from his TV, Radio and Internet marketing, we sent him $1600 for 100 of those calls for our business. The promise of calls being sent at 9am was broken instantly. After numerous calls and emails to Glen Ashley each morning we would get our first call around noon each day. When the calls started arriving they were not inbound direct calls from TV/Radio/Internet, but in fact they were transfers from a call center that was outbound calling on some old data lists. We brought this to Glen Ashley’s attention and we were told he would fix it….. a promise that made us re-order. We sent him $2400 at that point. Again, no calls as promised during our normal business hours and bogus live transfers from clients that either said they told the agent they had no time to speak or they asked NOT to be transferred. And then charged us $16 for each of those. When we started to complain about the quality of these crappy transfers he asked us to Re-order again. When we said no, we had about 100 more calls to be delivered. He said we were put at the bottom of his list and he would deliver them over time…….. What??? We asked for a refund and received no response. No leads have been delivered in the past 4 days. So it seems as if his plan is to keep our money that we trusted him with… (Basically steal it) We would advise people to beware and stay away from Glen Ashley / GRA Capital. They do not generate ANY leads as they say they do. They are a middleman for a horrible incompetent call center. We have decided to hire a Florida attorney and sue him for a full refund. He is being served this week. We can not let people like Glen Ashley get away with things like this!! Just to prove my complaint, I am attaching a copy of the order that we signed starting that we would receive Direct Inbound calls from TV/Radio and Internet. Rot in Hell Glen. Fraudsters ALWAYS get what they deserve. .

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