Travis Joshua Krichmar and Brittney Krichmar ripped us off for almost $300 for pool services! When we started their pool service as we always do we list the services we provide and what the monthly service includes including ADDITIONAL services twice per year filter cleaning and salt for salt pools. Their pool was turning green and there was NO suction when we started service. We did not charge them for the additional chemicals, just the filter cleaning. The father Mike was there and watched our poolguy clean the filters, TWICE! The pool was a salt pool and had next to no salt, this was told to the father, the poolguy told Mike he didn’t have enough salt on his truck for their pool and he could come back, he said ok. | When we asked for the past due payment they claim we never explained the additional services. | BS! 1 Have you ever owned a pool before, these are standard additional charges. 2 Brittany was told these are additional charges. 3 The pool was turning GREEN. 4 The father Mike was there and spoke to the poolguy several times!! The father had the audacity to call our office several times due to his ignorance on using the automation, we made additional trips to the house, once again outside of pool cleaning. I would never work for these ingrates again. DO yourself a favor and get paid upfront or avoid these two! Travis J Krichmar and Brittany Krichmar received services they DID NOT PAY FOR!!!

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