Grand Isle Resort And Spa


There was a server at the restaurant at the Grand Isles Resort named Monique I believe. She had glasses and was a woman who looked to be in her 40’s perhaps. She seemed to be in charge of seating people. Well I was at the bar and overheard her talking to a white guest about how blacks are opressed and that whites should be more appreciative of services and going on and on about how her skin color caused her to be at some kind of disadvantage. | Monique was talking about blacks being only 2% of the population and being hated etc. She was citing US stats in which she was incorrect because blacks account for roughly 14.5% of US and Bahamas is about 85% so for her to say she is oppressed is stupid. So if you live in a place with 85% of your own race then who is “opresing you”? Quit whining and get to work and do something with your life. | The white woman looked uncomfortable, but agreed with Monique because it sounded like Monique was trying to guilt her into having some kind of sympathy and wanting the white person to feel guilty for being white. | I am from the US and I am on vacation. I hear enough black whining about how their skin makes them disenfranchised and at some kind of disadvantage. When I spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to go somewhere and am spending around $70+ for lunch I do not want to be around a bunch of racists. | I work with several black people and they are in great positions at their job, and guess what Monique, their skin had nothing to do with their success or failure, their will and drive to succeed did. So stop playing victim all your life and realize that you rise and fall on your own merit. | Our server Ariel, I think that was her name, she had braces and braids. She was rude and only came by to take order and drop off food about 30 minutes after we ordered (YES they take too long) then never came by again , we had to get up to ask for drinks and everything. | If you are not in a vacation induced daze you will quickly see that Great Exuma is full of people who are passive agressive like this towards tourists. They hate serving white people and think that you owe them something. You can tell they treat you ith contempt and think that “why should they serve you”. Take that chip off your shoulder and stop having a victim mentality. Needless to say we will not be going to that dump any more.

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