Granda S Construction


On June 23rd, 2015 a tree crashed through my house destroying it. My wife and children were inside at the time. We were distraught over the loss of our home. Within a week John Granda came into our lives and began demolition and repair of our home. At the time, we were grateful. As a family we were vulnerable, and John took this to his advantage. While the quality of his work was decent, he was inconsistent as to when he would show up causing major delays for us to return to our lives. He was frequently dishonest with us regarding materials and plans for the project. I received notice of a lien being placed on my home by one of his subcontractors. He took advantage of our vulnerability by having an affair with my wife in my home over the last two months that he worked on the project. He did not complete what was discussed and left my home unfinished. This man is untrustworthy and amoral, stay away from any business dealings with him at all costs. I will be happy to confirm all of this.

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