I ordered trial of CDB Oil and Roll On from a AD On Internet associated with Antique Road Show

November 27th 2020 Ordered Product of CBD Oil / CDB Roll ON

Credit Card Charges:

November 27, 2020 $5.45 dollars. PPS TRU BLOSSOM 844-6904470 CA

November 30, 2020 $5.87 dollars. DAILYDOSEMOISTURE84469 843-36904470 CA

December 9th 2020 $102.66 QUEEN VIBRANCE 833-335-0523 CA

December 11th 2020 $98.67 GRAVITYMOISTURECRM 833-554-7714 CA

They must have embedded something in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. I did not see or agree to anything about a membership. I recieved NO EMAILS on charges. I called and these are BOTH the same company. I am not really sure WEBSITE name. It is definately a SCAM and needs to be stopped before millions of people get charged.

I called both of these numbers:

833-554-7714 and 833-335-0523 Talked with Employee and the went right through a script on both calls like the knew exactly what to do. I told them I wanted to return product but they said it would cost me around $30 to ship and RESTOCK. They said they would credit my Debit card $40 for each if I did not send them back


$212.65 in charges.

As of December 11th 202 there has not been $80 refund

At minimum I am out $132.65

Maybe its completely my fault but I am pretty sharp when it comes to reading everything.

I got sucked into the ADVERTISEMENT from what I thought was the ANTIQUE Roadshow guy??

Country United States
State California
Phone 833-554-7714

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