Green Dot VISA Debit Card Falling Waters West Virginia Review


On April 1, 2014 I E-Filed my Federal and State Tax returns using the router and account number from my Green Dot VISA so I could have my refunds direct deposited. I logged into my Green Dot account and thoroughly read the information on the site in order to obtain what I needed for the IRS. There was NO notice on the site at this time about there being any kind of “expiration date”” as to when a tax refund could be deposited. I got my refund information on the IRS website that my Federal refund would be direct deposited on my VISA debit card by July 2


on a Wednesday. On that date I called the automatic service at Green Dot to see if it had been deposited – the recording said there was a direct deposit on July 1

2014 but it had been refused and would be sent back to the IRS within 2 days. My refund amount was over $3

000.00. I called customer service to find out why the refund had been refused – I was told it was because it wasn’t tax season anymore and that the company was refusing to deposit any tax refunds as of June 17

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