John lamiera is behind this bogus company, he used to run ages americas green energy source, where you will find him exploiting the elderly, and training sales reps only to let them run leads until they run out of their own gas money which they wont reimburse, all they while giving you excuse after excuse why you pay is delayed. They send sales reps to alsheimers patients and dimentia laden elderly. Horrible company. They don;t actually pay the sales reps either, i personally sold over 200,000 in solar products for them in my first two weeks, yet i have never been paid at three months later. Now he’s at it again un der the name green energy team. If you go google "john lameira green energy source" to this you’ll find out who they really are Heres another one John l. Lameira would lie to the sales representatives about the sales commission they would make, but as soon as the money came in, john would make every kind of excuses and lie to ensure that the sales representatives will not be paid what was owed. John thinks he is too smart to be caught. He makes everyone else around him to perform his dirty work, and will not hesitate to throw others under the bus. His favorite past time is to disappear for hours at a time during business hours, and come back claiming that he was in meeting with lawyers and accountants. More likely he was busy meeting drug dealers. John has been arrested several times for passing bad checks, and assault and battery in kansas in april 2000, for which he was sentenced in august 2000 to spent 30 days in jail. This is a warning to anyone looking for a sales position as john l. Lameira and his cohorts such as dale prine, chris mcallister, josh leidolf, robert fyffe, tim rush,and andy privette. Uses craigslist to recruit. Now, they have the audacity to charge money to train the new recruits on how to lie, cheat, and steal from people, so stay the far away from these dirtbags and the company. I would encourage you to file complaint with bbb, attorney general’s office, consumer affairs divisions of your county governments, etc to shut them down. If you have been scammed or received one of these telemarketing calls report it to the florida dept of agriculture at 1-800-435-7352.

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