Green Genie Environmental Review


I had these clowns come in and attempt to take care of some mold I had, as well as clean some carpets. First off they had some weird looking guy come in to do the work. He had a shaved head and made Gollum from Lord of the Rings look like Tom Cruise. Their “green” solution they used in my basement stained everything white, left a nasty residue, and took the paint off my wall!! Not to mention there is still mold down there! To make things worse, they “cleaned” my carpet, but the method they used doesn’t use hot water, and they just smeared dirt all over the place. My calls to the owner John Pusateri have gone unreturned. This guy is a total slimeball and he looks like Mario from the Nintendo series with a touch of ***** ********. Mike Martha, the other “owner” came by to look at it and he was totally drunk!!! He reeked of booze and smoke and was totally inept and combative. These guys are creeps and should not be trusted. Buyer Beware of the green genie ripoff!!

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