Green Tree Review


In January 2014 I called Greentree about sending an amount with income tax to apply to monthly payments on trailer..they told me to write on there how I wanted it applied ..I called back in Feb to make sure again I was told not to put anything in principle box and to write the months on there to apply to..I put on there march April may June July Aug sept Oct Nov Dec got a bill in mail yesterday due in may I called today they said they applied to principle ..I told them that’s not I was told that would not happen cause we wrote how we wanted it done on check letter and payment stubs now they saying its to close to pay off and they can’t do it that way..they are nothing but a liar and a rip off..I am off work due to a spine injury and that’s why I paid like I did now I owe 1400 on home and they screwed me good.. .

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