Greenies Loveland Ohio Review


I purchased Greenies Dog minty treats for my dogs. They both got sick and threw up big chunks of the minty toothbrush shaped treat. It supposedly is to treat bad dog breath. Imentioned this to our vet. whom said pets are dying from this due to it clogging their intestines/ bowels. Buyers/ owners beware for it is not a good idea to purchase this to treat bad dog breath. nI am putting this on here to hopefully prevent any pet from dying from this product. In the web search type in Recall on Greenies, go to consumeraffairs. Another product to be aware of is Diamond dog food, you can also type in Recall on pet products and it will give you a list of items that have been recalled. I love animals and I am just trying to help others. nAlso Iams pet food there is an article about them and their abuse on how they use animals to test on for their products. I had my dogs on this and I didn’t realize they had added an ingredient. I just looked at the color of the bag and figured it was the same thing i had been using. I gave it to my dogs and they got severe diarrhea. Here they had added something to stimulate their brain and fish oil. So they got very sick. nSincerely, nTaranLoveland, OhioU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.

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