1. Green Merchant Funding called me on the phone with a business pitch to sign up for a business and a website which would earn me commissions from business loans that the company was to offer to companies whose names and addresses and phone numbers I supplied. It took the company two or three weeks to provide me with access to my website.
2. I input many business submissions to the site and no action whatsoever was taken to follow up with this leads to ask them if they were interested in Green Merchant Funding?s loan program.
3. Since this ?business? was advertised as a money-making business based on the number of loans that were turned into inquiries or loans, I complained a number of times that no one in the company was working (or soliciting business) the leads I submitted.
4. I talked with people from the business numerous times, to inquire about access to my site and the fact that no action was being taken on my submissions. I was assured by a customer service representative that the leads would be followed up upon. I talked with people from the Green Merchant Funding organization [Karen Shultz, Customer Service, Green Merchant Funding, 1 800 392 5497 or 866.407.5323/ ([email protected]]and with people from Cherry Creek Worldwide [Pat Thompson 818-297-1765 ext 111] ([email protected])] to complain.
5. I held off my credit card payments because of the reasons stated above, thus, I was not included in the persons who did pay and lost money; however, my credit rating is suffering because I have not paid the credit card company, Discover, for this charge.
6. Finally, after working very diligently on this project, I submitted 471 leads, none of which were followed up nor turned into customers.
7. I called the credit card company and told them that I was not going to pay for this ?business? until I saw some cooperative work from the Green Merchant Funding company that was supposed to be working on converting my leads to business.
8. The next thing I knew, without any communication from the company, my website was closed down, I was denied access and they kept my 471 leads.
9. The website set up for me and the business did not come with a time limit; it was a perpetual deal. I am very disappointed because Discover did pay the charge on the basis of a contract which stated that one had to cancel within three business days of committing. Since, I did not have a website or any information from the company within that time limit, I think I should have had the right to cancel. Now, because I have NOTHING for my $499.00, I want to pursue this charge and am therefore complaining to the Better Business Bureau, the Attorneys General for California and Minnesota (my home state) and other sources that deal with internet scams, including the National White Collar Crime Center.
10. I would be interested in hearing from other with similar experiences to pursue the possibility of a class action suit. I would also like to head from any customers who have had positive or negative experiences with the company.. I demand Return of $499 + interest paid to credit card company. Stay away

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