Greg Tilley’s Repo Depot Lewisville Arkansas Review


I must confess that I am too trusting. I believed that Greg Tilley’s Repo Depot would do what their employee claimed they would do and did not get a guaranty in writing. When we agreed to purchase a used mobile home, the manager at the time, David Rachal told us that there were places on the ceiling that were water stained from the time that the double wide was taken apart to move it to the Repo Depot lot. He assured us that all of the roof had been checked and it would not leak. He even went so far to say that he would do anything necessary to make sure that the roof did not leak even if he had to have the entire thing reshingled. When a stain in the master bedroom appeared, I called and Mr. Rachel sent his crew to check it out. He said that it was simply the previous stain leaching through the paint that they had covered it with. They repainted and Mr. Rachel told me to call again if we had any problems. When water started to drip from the stained area, I called again. I was informed by Chris Tilley that Mr. Rachal had been fired for doing things like this to other customers and that he would have to ask his father, Greg Tilley, what they could do for us and call me back. I never received that call. Since I have nothing in writing concerning this guaranty made by Tilley’s employee, I guess I am just out of luck. My husband has fixed two places where shingles had been shoved into place to keep the water out long enough to make the sale. I now have a leak in my kitchen and we are going to have to reshingle the whole roof. I have learned my lesson. If it is not put in writing, it is not true. I expected a reputable company to follow through with the promises of it’s employee and was very disappointed. Shame on me.

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