Gregg Stutz – Hudson, Wisconsin Men


The man in this photo is Gregg Stutz. I do not personally know him but I know a few women who have been played the same exact way by this man. I know for a fact that he has been sleeping with a young girl while he is supposedly in a relationship with another woman with a baby on the way. The twist is he already has a baby by both women, and they look at each other as enemies when in fact this Gregg is just playing both of them. The young girl he impregnated wants him to be a part of his son’s life. That is all she wants but he refuses to acknowledge she even exists or that he has fathered this child. I know he has not once watched his son while the mother works full time, was not at his birth and didn’t even contribute to buying him anything to help support the mother. Before he dated the woman on the picture he dated the young girl and before that he dated another older woman with whom he cheated on with the young girl. Now he has a five year old daughter by this older woman and because he is a lying piece of sack he was denied by the court to see his child. This guy has posted craigslist post asking to impregnate women. His dirty deeds need to be brought to light because I am tired of seeing all these women blame each other, for a man who cares nothing about any of them and just goes to live with the one who can support him while he sits at home all day not lifting a finger. This man has done this repeatedly to multiple women and left them out to dry and be single mothers. He has not taken any responsibility for any of his children and that is more of a homewrecker than any cheating bastard, because he is ruining the lives of children just by not being there to support them. What kind of man can make something so beautiful and refuse to be a part of their lives?

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