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On December 17, 2016, I contacted Grohe through their online messaging system, requesting a replacement for the cartridge that corresponded to the Grohe tub-shower-handle trim I uploaded a picture of. The representative replied by only saying (1) that multiple cartridges are associated with that trim; I’d have to remove the handle/faucet and see the valve or cartridge in order to ID the cartridge I needed and (2) multiple ways I could *Purchase* the needed cartridge. No words anywhere near resembling “please reply with the needed cartridge info and we’d be happy to send you a replacement cartridge under our lifetime warranty program policy.”” Below is the reply I received

with the rep’s name removed

due to his likely-hopeful-embarassment over his failure to reinforce their intention to replace the cartridge for free: “”That trim has been used on multi valves. You will need to ID the valve in the wall to be able to order a cartridge. You can purchase directly from Grohe. You can follow this link to our online parts shop. If you would like to purchase the parts from a Grohe dealer here is the link to find a dealer in your area. You can also contact a Grohe Specialist at to purchase the part. You can contact them at 855-482-5074. You can also order parts through xxxxx Email Customer Care Support Rep

LIXIL Water Technology”” Long story short

for the sake of speed and frustration-avoidance

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