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Complaint: I reached out to Felix Sanchez in the beginning of May 2015. I needed someone to do Stucco Work on my entire home. Felix came out to my home and sold me on the world and these big dreams. Telling me how all of his customers love the work that he has done and that he can give me a handful of referrals, which never happened. He was trying to pitch me on the idea of purchasing homes in different parts to the town to flip them, but I was not interested. We reviewed what needed to be done on the home and the total cost to stucco the home was agreed at $5,200. There was a part of the home that requited some paneling to come off and be replaces to some extent; I told him to help him out I would try and pull the paneling off if I had time to do so. I never did have the time to get it done. I was really pressed for time and on a tight budget. Felix sold me on the price and timing. I was leaving for a cruise that weekend for a week, he told me he need $1600 to purchases the materials and would start while I was gone. I wrote out a check to Felix Sanchez for $1600 on may 7th. I left for my cruise on may 10th and returned on the 17th. When I arrived home I saw that nothing had been done to the home. I reached out to Felix asking him why he did not do anything. He stated that he sent me Text, but I told him I was on a cruise with no service for a week, which he knew. I asked him what will be done because I need this project completed by the 29th. He said he was going to send someone by the house, I told him that I had to go to a funeral and I would not be around, but please send someone to come to the house to start working; no one ever showed up that day. I texted him the next day and asked him for my deposit back because I am upset that nothing is happing and I am getting the run around. He said that he need to charge me another $300 to remove the wood, and thatu2019s why he did not start. We talked about the wood being removed prior to agreeing to start the project, and Felix was going to do it, i was going to help speed up the process and remove it for him to help if I had the time. I express how disappointed I was that he was paid over a week ago and he cashed my check but never did any of the work. Thatu2019s where all went downhill. For weeks I would stay in communications with him asking him to return my money. I would consistently get the run around that he was in Tampa and that he was not able to bring me my money. I even suggested to deposit it in my bank account he did not want to do that he wanted to do it face to face, but never would show his face. Then the story changed to I get paid on Friday I will pay you back then. These stores went on for 2 months until I decided I was over the lies. I put in a complaint with the BBB (no help what so ever), he claimed that I tried to hire his workers for less money, which is false because no one ever come out to home to do any sort of work what so ever. I filed a Small Claims Court Case 8/26/2015 with Orange County, case number 2015-SC-008161-O. He never showed up to the court cases, he texted me and told me he still had time to appeal the decision, which he never did. The fact that he believed that he had the right to was insane. Needless to say he never appealed the case, and I was awarded the judgment. I still have yet to received my money to this day, and hope that someone out there can help me get my $1600 that he stole from me. I still have all the text messages that we had where he admitted to returning my money, but never did. Anyone doing any type of business with Felix Sanchez and his fake company please beware of everything you are getting into because he will take you money and run.

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Address: 2422 Island Club Way Orlando, Florida USA


Phone: 407-505-9747

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