GT-Express Union City California Review


My father ordered a Redi-Set-Go off the infomercial. Buy one get one free for 2 payments of $19.95. They didn’t tell him his total costs nor did they inform him about the OUTRAGEOUS shipping charges. Turns out that they shipped him TWO SETS for a total cost of $139.60! n$79.80 for two sets (which he didn’t order 2 SETS)n$29.90 S&H/SET = $59.80 for both SETS which were shipped in one box that UPS quotes at $18 nAND the “FREE”” unit doesn’t come with anything that the first one comes in. nDon’t be fooled. These things are tiny as $hit. Useless cookers for anyone other than a single person or a couple kids. Which is why they probably ship them in sets.. cause they know that the first one isn’t big enough to feed anyone. I wish my father had consulted me prior to ordering this piece of [email protected] Thats old people for you. The company never sent us a receipt nor did they include a packing slip. Obviously intentionally. I emailed them and requested a receipt since they never included a packing slip and they replied with tracking information. So I replied again and told them that I wanted a RECEIPT and I never asked for tracking info since obviously as I said

the package had already arrived without the receipt. I then followed my reply with a clear demand for a RECEIPT just to make it clear. Now

today I received another reply by completely someone else stating

“”As per your request

we are sending you the breakdown of your order for your reference””. This is clearly not a receipt though

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