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Non-Delivery of MerchandiseAfter Multiple Unsuccessful Attempts To Complete Payment Online, Paid £551.22 Directly Into Alternative Account Details Provided By Email.(Payment Transfer Date: 04 April 2018 (Wednesday))Can you get back to us with your payment confirmation slip..Send us the screenshot of the payment..Here’s the tracking number of your order,021839188390Swiftflowco.comShipment Date : 06/04/2018 Delivery Date : 11-April-2018There’s a problem on your packages..There’s a mispackage on your order which 15 Unit of HP OMEN 17 instead of 1 Unit and our company director notice it and he’s darrange with me thought that we’re trying to steal from the company,right now he’s asking for the money of the remaining laptops.My boss said i must provide payment of the rest 14 Unit before 3 working day , if not i will be sack..PLEASE I DONT WANT TO LOOSE MY JOB..

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