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My husband and I have been married for 8 years and have 2 kids together. My daughter is 3 and my son is 1. This woman was my friend for 2 years and would come over our house with her husband (of 13 years) and her 2 kids and we would have barbeques and drinks almost every weekend. After a year into our friendship she started having problems with her spouse. As a good friend I would invite her to my house so that she could get her mind of things and just be surrounded with people who could help her get through her situation. She would come alone without her kids and most of the time she was already drinking. || At the time my little one was 2 months so I wouldn’t drink because I was breastfeeding. During the time that she would visit I would go breastfeed my son in the bedroom, but I never thought that she would go after my husband. I started to notice that she would flirt with my husband and that it would make him feel uncomfortable so he would go upstairs with our baby or go out in the backyard for a smoke. I started ignoring her phone calls so that she wouldn’t come over my house anymore, but then she would just show up out of nowhere with some beer and I started to feel uncomfortable too. || One night I just told her that we were going to go to bed and that I would see her another day. She started to cry and tell me that she didn’t have anyone and that her husband was cheating on her and that she really needed to stay away from him. I felt so sorry for her and let her spend the night ( worst mistake ever). My husband would often get up in the middle of the night and go to the kitchen for some water, so when he got up that night I didn’t think it was unusual. I felt when he got up, but I didn’t notice when he came back to bed. || The next day when I woke up she was gone, I noticed that she had left her cell phone on the coffee table because it started to vibrate. I picked up her phone and saw that it was a text from my husband, it said” last night was a mistake and it can never happen again.” My heart just sank and I ran upstairs and confronted my husband. He told me that he had went downstairs for some water and she was there crying about her relationship. He sat down with her and”one thing led to another”. I couldn’t believe what had just happened in my own home!!! I couldn’t even call her at that second and I was so furious! I felt so betrayed, I tried calling her husband, but his number was disconnected. || My husband and I are going to counseling for this because the trust is obviously gone. This *****ruined my life. I know that my husband has just as much fault. We had some mutual friends and I told them what had happened and to be careful. A girlfriend told me that she was pregnant and that she is claiming that it is my husbands baby. I was told that she is back with her husband, but that her husband doesn’t even know what she has done. I cant wait to see her husband and tell him everything. Don’t let this ***** in your home!!!

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