Guardsman Furniture Care Protection Long Beach California Review


I made a claim for the first time with Guardsman furniture protection program which we purchased when purchasing our leather furniture. I submitted the claim on Feb 27, 13 and by March 8th, 13 they responded denying my claim. I submitted two claims; one, where the leather burned in the armrest after placing a hot plate on it; the second claim is a cut in the Ottoman; I submitted pictures alone with the claim. nTo my surprise the claim was denied because they claim the burn in the leather is a peel and the cut is a scratch, even though it is very visible in the pictures to the contrary. nAfter I complain they still refuse to send someone to check the damages and continue denying the claim. At this moment they close the claim as they are not willing to send anyone to check the furniture. This seems to be a very convenient way of getting premium and denying claims easily.

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