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Gus Cornwell responded to a Craigslist ad in which I wanted a vehicle transported from Milladore WI to Dalton WI (about 90 miles) for the price of $150. He said he’d do it and we planned on a Friday delivery. I provided photos of the vehicle and dimensions as well. We agreed on a Friday delivery, no later than 10:30 AM. Well, first he doesn’t even arrive in Milladore until 9:30AM. My contact person in Milladore loaded the vehicle for him. Being late was bad enough, but AFTER the vehicle was on the trailer, that’s when it got even worse. | He phoned me after it was loaded demanding another $50 or he was ‘going to drop it’ right where it is. I stated, your late plus you’re trying to gouge me? I asked him, ‘doesn’t your word mean anything’? He simply responded with ‘NO’. He wanted more money because he didn’t know it was that far (he knew the distance) and he didn’t know the vehicle was that large (even though I provided all that info up front). Of course he does all this AFTER the vehicle was on his trailer. We argued for several minutes finally I agreed to pay him an extra $10 for his ‘trouble’. | Of course when he dilivered the vehicle he was sheepishly apologetic after trying to pull a rouse. I want others to know what this jerk is like if you hire him for any purpose. He lacks the character needed to entrust anyone with your property. Plus, having a jerk personality doesn’t help either.

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