GVC Remodeling, LLC Review


Home owners beware I had GVC remodeling do some work on my home it was the worse mistake that is going to be a costly one for me. they re did my bathroom room in to a total night mare and my kitchen was also done incorrectly. they installed my tile and backsplash incorrectly not to mention the dammage to my cabinets that I purchased. they started the job and things went down hill when they installed cement board over old sheet rock and over old board that was supposed to be removed was not so now I’m out of money. just having to go behind these unprofessional people and get some one else to correct their mistakes in which will cost more money to fix .they have done nothing to fix the problem all in while trying to collect $3700.00 for unfinished work. if the matter is not resolved I plan to take legal action against this company. I wanted the public to be aware so no one else gets ripped off.

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