Gwendolyn Cousin – Waynesville, Missouri Missouri


This girl. Where to begin? She TRIED, hard, to sleep with my husband when she was stationed in Oklahoma. Sending him texts asking him to come over. Telling him how much she wanted him. Mind you, she is in the military as well as HER HUSBAND. Her husband was deployed at the time and she was sleeping around with the men she worked with. Smiling in a wife’s face and sucking their husbands off behind their backs. I spoke with other wives who lost their marriages over her too. This girl has no respect for herself, her (ex) husband, her children or any other woman for that matter. Now she has a new boyfriend and moved herself and her children across country to be with him. She THRIVES off of the attention men give her and if she finds a man who won’t give her the attention she wants, she will do every thing to try to get it. Sorry “boo boo” not letting this one go.

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