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The Yahoo.com Ad (about Ellen Degeneres) offered a FREE Trial bottle of Revitol Aging cream for 4.99 with a shipping fee of $5.99. I ordered it. As soon as the order was confirmed, another Ad pops up a – FREE Trial of a five month supply of Dermology Wrinkle free Repair Complex. (the two should be used together for best results). There was not listed, the price, the number of bottles, or the postage fee. I began the order, but once the card was approved, the next page showed a total amount of $153 and no shipping fee. I was expecting the price to be the around the same as the Revitol cream times five. Furthermore, there was no cancel link and, I could not go back to the previous page. I had no choice but to complete the order. The Bank could not cancel the charge. And to complicate the matter, the company sent the two products in the same box. When the box arrived, I am thinking another box was on the way. So I opened the box and began using the products, not realizing the two products were in the box. I only wanted to return the Dermology Complex. And Now I could not. I feel I was tricked into buying the second product at an enormous price. First lured by the low priced item, I started the transaction on the second item, and when I saw the price of it, I was unable to cancel the charge. The total amount of the second charge appeared after the charge cleared. The page would no allow me to go to the previous page or cancel the charge. Once the charge was approved, that ws it. Lastly, the Revitol order was one 2 oz bottle $10.98 including postage, and the Dermology Complex was five 1 oz each totalling $153.00 and postage free. Each of the five bottles of Dermology was half full. NEVER AGAIN. Do a through check on the company and reviews before ordering anything online. WHAT A RIP OFF

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