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He owns a organization that primarily operates in the Land Subdividers and Developers, Commercial business / industry within the Real Estate sector. He also is the recipient of USDA funding from the federal government for a groups of apartments around the country. I resided in a property of his for about 10 years and I must tell you, the way in which he runs things is less than honest. He hires people who in no way/shape or form need to be in a “management” position. At a particular property, the people who he hired as managers are not even qualified to be in that position. These people use “intimidation” tatics to get their way because they know you dont make a alot of money or you would not be living in a “low rent/based on your income” apartment complex. They literally consider you “trash” living there. The management “hires” their friends and relatives to be “handy” men. It is a know fact that one of the properties, the person who does their handy work has no clue what he is doing. Let’s talk about the safety of the neighborhood, that is a joke. It’s a know fact that the “management” keeps a specific “building” where they allow known drug dealers to live there, but they claim they have the police go thru there everyday, well the police go thru there during the day and not at night when the drug deals occur. The management knowly hired employees that went to specific tennants and “borrowed money and drugs” from them. There was also alot of tennants telling other tennants that they are getting ready to throw you out. The management used intimidation tatics against the tennants. You lived you life on a daliy basis in fear or being retaliated against. If you had a complainst against the management, they would tell you that you do not need to go to the home office in Jacksonville, you need to come to them first. They did a survey a few years ago and the H. Smith Inc owners said that they would not share it with the management, but in fact they did. This company recieves USDA funding from the US Federal government, and they get these funds to do repairs. At one complex, they do not use the funds to upkeep these apartments. People have called the USDA in regards to the constant rise in rent at these complexs, but nothing has been done. Truth be known the one manager is good friends with a person at the USDA office (how I know, it shows her as a friend on the manager’s FB page). I dont know if V Hawley Smith Jr knows of the goings on at his properties or is he turning a blind eye to it, but for a person who has been in the “business” for 39 years, he has to know something. The apartments are not insulated very well and you the tennant end up paying the local utility company anywhere from 250 to 400 per month for utility service on a 2 bed room apartment. They had certian restrictions on who can go out side and do what. Basically you felt like you were living in a prision. .

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