Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County Review


June 9, 2014 I received a letter from Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County stating that I am subject to foreclosure if I do not show proof of homeowner’s insurance, and pay $114.07 in attorney’s fees. Let me give you the backstory. On April 8, 2014 I went to HFHNWHC to pay my mortgage, upon doing so I was informed by the accounting executive that my homeowner’s insurance lapsed, and I had no coverage. I assumed that I had coverage, because I did not receive a letter stating that I did not have coverage. I did not contact the insurance company to follow up with HFHNWHC to ensure payment was made that was my lapse in judgement, however HFHNWHC are responsible just as I am in regards to ensuring payment was made. On April 24, 2014 I receive a letter from HFHNWHC stating that my homeowner’s insurance lapsed, and I had until May 15, 2014 to obtain insurance. I have insurance, however the policy did not take effect until May 20, 2014. To date, the insurance company states that a payment has not been made, but they (HFHNWHC) has until June 21, 2014 to make a payment. The representative from the insurance agency stated that she did send an invoice to HFHNWHC on May 13, 2014. I had the same insurance company for a couple of years. I did not notify HFHNWHC of any change or desire to change insurance companies. Assumingly the insurance should have been paid with or without an invoice. Fast forward to the present. This is not HFHNWHC first time “forgetting” to pay my homeowner’s insurance they have a pattern of doing so. The excuse is that they did not receive an invoice. They don’t receive invoices for my school taxes, water taxes, etc., yet they still make payments. I am in the process of retrieving payment history from Habitat to the insurance companies to validate that this wasn’t the first isolated incidience of them not making a payment…so why are they now trying to take my home now? In addition to this fiasco, HFHNWHC has been receiving money for an inactive homeowner’s association. The property which they once held was sold to a local church for more than two years now. The last meeting held by the HOA was in January 2011. To date there has not been any meetings, or any notifications from the HOA. A few of the HOA board memebers have moved. I questioned HFHNWHC about that as well, and their answer is that they are in the process of electing new board members. It seems as if they are part of a cult, because no one is willing to help me… Accounting executives change frequently.

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