Haley Brock Texas Austin


Complaint: She places ads on the internet and says that she needs to get out of an abusive situation, she does this in multiple cities and states keep in mind. The story is always the same, her ex-boyfriend is beating her and that she has nowhere to go. She wants to move back to her home state (wherever you are located). Haley will claim after you offer to send her a ticket that she has an old truck that she cannot leave it. I thought this was strange so I offered to send her a gas car or a prepaid card since all she needed was money to get her to safety. Once I did this she got very mad and wanted me to put money on a green dot car. I said no, either we do it my way or not at all. Haley begged for me to trust her and just put money on the car. She spent days texted me and demanding I load money on a green dot card. Finally, I told her that I will contact the police because I know how this is a scam and stop contacting me. She has done this to men and women. She used to use Craigslist a lot but can’t utilize it because there are no more personal sections. Watch out please. She also may go by the name Kaylee James [email protected] u2022 Other (((REDACTED)))u2022 Mobile (((REDACTED))) u2022 Home www.facebook.com/brian.dismuke.12 u2022 Other plus.google.com/112822322407269074907 From Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tags: Dating Scam, Fraud Phoney, Scam- Suspected Fraud, Wire Fraud

Address: 510 Hilltop Dr Forest Park, Georgia United States

Website: www.facebook.com/brian.dismuke.12

Phone: 404-450-4317

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