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Complaint: Martha Hall was hired as a Guardian Ad Litem per an order from the judge during a temporary custody hearing in February 2015 by my then husband. I was relieved a third party would be investigating my husband as he had been extremely abusive throughout the marriage and believed a Guardian was supposed to work for the best interests of the child. My son was four at the time, attending a pre-k program at the school my husband had very strong familial ties to. Still, I felt sure the Guardian would easily uncover the truth in my case. Ms. Hall interviewed me once. She was supposed to be finished with her report by August of 2015. This did not occur. My husband agreed to give me custody in December of 2015. His irresponsible, impulsive behavior had once again gotten him jammed up in a major way financially. I enrolled my son in school, took him to appointments that he should have been attending throughout the year but his father had neglected, and waited for the final hearing. When the final hearing occurred—in late March of 2016! (with no child support ordered during that time with the husband making 9K a month and me hanging on by my fingernails) I was disgusted with the report. Ms. Hall interviewed NO ONE on my list who could attest positively to my parenting skills and negatively to his abusive behavior. Over a year and NOT ONE person was interviewed. By contrast, she had interviewed people on his list whom I really had nothing to do with but who apparently had negative things to say about me—only through smear campaigning and hear say from my husband. Because of this, my son is now in my now ex-husband’s custody. He will grow up learning how to pathologically lie, cheat, and use and abuse people. Overt signs of parental alienation have been displayed for about two years now and this latest ruling has given the ex license to become increasingly more aggressive about this. The ruling took place only weeks ago and my ex may be planning on moving across the country with my son. He refuses outright to abide by the recent court order, interferes with contact with my son, and refuses to tell me even if he is moving or not. My son now spends a good bit of my Skype conversations with my abusive ex hovering in the background chastising me for being horrible to his father. Through her lack of professionalism, integrity and ethics, she has assisted an abuser and my son and I now face a huge uphill battle to preserve any semblance of a relationship. I fear for his future. This attorney was bought and paid for by my ex.

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