Hampton Inn Fort Stockton Texas Review


I have been employed since 2005 and still there as a night auditor for Fort Stockton Hampton Inn. I’m a 30-year old hispanic female that is about to graduate from college. I’m committed to my job five days a week full time and a college student full time. When I was hired it was for night audit at night! Guess what I have been forced to do the breakfast bar and night audit for the same pay as night auditor? Two jobs for minimum wage!!! I’m the only one that has no help when it comes to doing the breakfast especially when we have a full house? Every other shift has two people working and helping each other out. Talking about being a slave!!!!! All I lack is for them to whip me with a wet whip on my back……Then to top it off!!!! Hear this out……..The breakfast lady comes in everyday 10 minutes late in a bad mood telling me off of how I over cooked and that the food isn’t hot enough!!! After I do all her dirty work and she comes in late. Doesn’t make sense!!! The worest part is that she should at least leave everything stocked up ready to go for the next morning. No, I still have to go to the storage refrig’s and pull heavy frozen boxes out of the back freezers. Because of the breakfast lady and her not doing her job. I got hurt lifting heavy boxes from the back storage freezer. One of my breast implants busted and was leaking! I had to under go emergency operation. I went to my boss letting her know why I was going to need a whole week off! Hoping my boss could keep it confidental! Guess what the whole hotel and a couple of the customers knew my situation. I had one customer that came up to me letting me know that I was in his prayers the whole time!!! I was embarrassed and betrayed by my own boss…..Never did I let them know that I picked up that heavy box of frozen omletes that was what lead me to my emergency.Another time that I felt betrayed by my boss with confidental info. was when I had a family emergency. My big brother came back from serving our country in war with post tramic syndrome. We almost lost him!!! I went to my boss letting her know I had a family emergency. I need a couple of days off. My boss has always been wanting us to tell her everything in detail? I didn’t want to tell her because of past unconfidential issues I had encounter with her!!! But I did anyways.. When I came back to report for work…Guess what? All my co-workers knew about my brother and his situation and once again the customers knew about it too!!! A couple of my co-workers were even making jokes about having family members snap, mentally ill…etc….That really hurt!!! I remember crying that whole night over a dumb comment made……My bosses hired a general manager. This general manager has hired some co-workers that have no education, that need some drug intervention, and as if she picked them out personally out of the salvation army!!! At one time our general manager had our front desk, housekeeping, and back office decorated with beer bottles and cans all over? Just because she was a bar tender once…..This new hired general manager was left in charge of the hotel for seven weeks!!! While my bosses left to India….The hotel was a circus!!!! Free rooms were given out, money was missing out of the cash box, party’s up the yang, and housekeeping material and food was going out the back door!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes……When my bosses got back from India we had a whole new housekeeping staff, and the right side kick/best friend of our general manager quit? I wonder why! Our hallway cameras were facing weird directions. Yup,talking about someone pulling the wool over my bosses eyes!!! But the bosses love that new general manager!!! While my bosses were gone to India. You should’ve seen the schedule how messed up it was? Front desk employee’s that hadn’t been in the system not even five months were going on payed vacation and making demands out of the manager. I think all front desk took at least took two weeks off while the bosses were gone! Except me….I didn’t mention that our new hired general manager works two different jobs? Not to mention that she is a mother to her kids. She is always having someone covering her shift. She never anwsers her cell….If I could remember back in the day. My bosses fired a manager because they didn’t like the fact that he had two jobs? They saw him slacking somewhere in between the lines.We have two employee’s that never come to work and are always calling in taking the law in their own hands. Its been months now and they are still employed at the hotel. If that would’ve been me I would’ve been fired along time ago. I forgot to mention that my bosses have the hotel all rigged up with spy cameras all over. In decorative plants, clocks, radios…etc… Funny because the crooks are underneath their noses!!! Pulling the wools over their eyes!!!! But my bosses call those the employee’s of the year!!Two days ago, I called my boss and told her that I needed to speak with her. So, she chose to go outside of the hotel to chat. Out of no where the breakfast lady came out with my bosses cell phone giving it too her. I didn’t think much of it….The next thing I know my boss puts the cell phone to record me right in front of me??? While the breakfast lady and the general manager paced up and down outside of the hotel like hawks!!!The fact of my boss talking about one of her front desk employee’s calling her “fat””!!! Now thats bad. Off of that small chat letting her know what all I needed to speak to her about. Guess what? My boss went and started all the employee’s up? A day ago I got like three text messages on my cell saying that my boss told them that I had said this and that about them???? Using cuss words! How about that!!! We have this new front desk guy that is always high drug wise


he’s the one with a big tattoo on his nick like an inmate

calling me late at night while I’m working my shift asking me when I’m going to quit or graduate? I have a gut feeling my boss or general manager is behind all that.Another thing that bothers me is that you have to continually ask my bosses for a pay raise. If not they won’t give it to you! Or they will leave to vacation and then respond to you.. I have been there for a little over six years at a certain pay! And all of a sudden a new hire comes on board toping off my pay??? Totally unfair…. Awhile back I applyed for a second part time job to help me pay for my college books and tution. I finally got a call for an interview. Well

the personel that was doing the interview asked me if it was okay if she called my present employer as a reference. I agreed.. Well

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