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Complaint: PLEASE WATCH OUT!! Hans is a total thief he will press for money and if he can will disappear with your money. I had to chase him to other jobs I had got for him. I am a builder and I had not used brick before. So I had advanced him $20,000 on his work. He lied steadily and would never show up. Six months later. He did all the easy work then. Even when I wanted to fire him. I could not get anyone who really wanted to complete is shotty work. He damaged so much stuff outside he ruined two windows sprayed acid all over my cedar soffits. When I asked him who should fix or pay for . He simply shrugged his shoulders So even after I was willing to eat all his hits. I still continued to look for him to complete. He screwed up so much stuff then he would ask for as much as he could get. To my amazement he would look to charge thousands more when no extra work was requested. Yet he would demand and blackmail for early payment with no intention to do. Please do not ever hire this man. He was taught how to steal from his father he is also doing this. These people are specialists. I will have everyone on him. I am simply worried about the single mom or the inexperienced home owner. I am a multi unit developer. Please WATCHOUT!!! FOR HANS LUTHI OR HANS ON MASONARY!!!!

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 45 Sunset Close Cochrane AB Calgary, Alberta Canada

Website: %[email protected]/

Phone: (403) 827-5923

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