Hantover Cana Corporation Inc. Review


I received a check from Hantover Cana Inc., in the mail on March 2nd, for $8,997.45. February 27, 2020 was stamped date on the envelope. The letter and check were dated 01/14/20. The letter was a final payout notice for a supermarket customer sweepstakes raffle draw. The prize claim managers were listed as Timothy Hampton or Daisy Walsh, stating I needed to call them and quote to them the claim number listed at the top of my letter which was KBB452. My winnings they claimed were $880,000.00 . They wanted a processing fee of $7,797.00, which is why they sent me the above listed check to "help towards the processing/clearance fee payment for my winnings.They have a PO Box number for a US address, as well as the Ontario Office PO Bx # posted at the bottom of their letter. Hours of operation stated as 9:00 AM 6PM Monday through Saturday.I did not contact anyone since it seems they could have sent me my winnings and have subtracted the processing fee from the $880,000.00.I feared they were trying to get my account number or that this check I received, if I deposited it, would not clear, and I would then be in debt and overdrawn in my bank account for the total amount of the check they sent with the letter.I am attaching a copy of the check and letter I received.

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