Harbor Freight Tools Ft. Pierce Florida Review


I’m ashamed to report that I let Harbor Freight screw me again. This time, I bought a simple grease-gun and grease cartridge for the purpose of servicing a friends boat in St. Augustine, Fl……233 miles from here. nNo matter what we did, the gun would not pump the grease. We bled the air a dozen times, manually primed the piston and cylinder, etc all to no avail. nThe gun wasn’t expensive ($10.00), but the wasted time and aggravation should have some value. nThe store manager in Sturat, Florida was anything but concerned and she chuckled when I said I accidently left the receipt in St. Augustine (for reference, I returned the gun in Harbor Freight’s original box.) nI asked if I could trade the gun for one that would work and she said they had been having trouble with that model and recommended that I buy a better gun…. at more money. nAll my trouble and time wasted and all the while, they knew for a fact that the gun they sold me would probably malfunction? …now there’s a company stock you don’t want to buy. With a manager like the one at the Stuart store, they’ll be out of business soon. nI have had several other Harbor Freight items that failed, but this time I was astounded by the manager laughing at me. nI manage a sign company and thought about producing “Don’t Get Screwed By Harbor Freight Tools”” bumper stickers. nLeenFt. Pierce


U.S. Highway #1 Store 163 Stuart, Florida U.S.A.


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