Harcourts Prime Properties Carlsbad California


Complaint: DO NOT Sign their Scam contract for AUCTION!!! Your house will be stay in market for long time or sell lower than acutal market price. Harcourts headquarters is in australia! Their NOT even American company!!! took them 10 years to get their license here in U.S. to start thier B.S. idea sell your house in live auction. This strategy dosen’t work here in U.S. specially in Southern California. I am very discouraged, upset and annoyed about the unprofessionalism of this Harcourts Real Estate Company!

Tags: Realtors

Address: 2385 Camino Vida Roble #200 Carlsbad, California USA

Website: harcourtsusa.com/Offices/3/Harcourts-Prime-Properties-Carlsbad

Phone: (760) 525-1111

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