Harley Davidson In Colorado Spring And Milwalke falcon Colorado


Complaint: Here is my problem thay refuse to reman my eng . They blame it first on my primary then the cab fond some one on the side to fix primary Harley Davidson fix soposley the carb . Still running like junk then they tell me the valves are bad and the barrels are no good there just honing the barrels and fixing the head this is not what I paid for in the beginning it like they just painted the eng and put it back in my bike. The only good thing they have done is loan me a 2005 Harley to ride so I could use it for a funeral. I’m disable and wife is unemployed at this time. Other mech have see this eng and saw all this silcone in between the cases I want a new eng or a brand new bike for my problems of being used . I could do a better job telling some one all my problems over phone or in person . Is there any help once they get done I only get 90 days after work is done what if the silcone screws up stuff . Just have not been happy since i got this bike back last year my wonty for one year has run out . what do i do thank you i complain to harley in milwalky got no where and complain to Harley up hear one say can’t do any thing with out the othere’s ok what with all that bouth of them said that . 1hd1dbl27gy505500 vin number to bike you will need it . we wont the eng fix from top to bottom and or we wont a new eng h**l i take a new dress . so i’m hoping you can help me . silcon between the cass so think it prutting out i have never seen bad work like this evear. danny c diekman [email protected] Danny falcon, ColoradoU.S.A.

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Address: 5867 N Nevada.ave. Colorado Spings Colerado, Colorado U.S.A.


Phone: 719-278-2300

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